Laughter Makes The World A Happier Place.


Why feel trapped in a dungeon of worries and self-created sufferings when we can instead swim to the shores of possibilities and move to along the freeway of happiness? 

Let's be the Beacon of Hope.



Open up your conference with a dose of laughter to energize the mood of your audience.

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Increase the profitability of your organization by raising the productivity and performance of your people.

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The Importance of Laughter - Keynote Speaker for Singapore Polytechnic’s Service Excellence Day

Laugh Your Way To Success - Laughter Workshop for Charisma Academy


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Ram Up Your Laughter (2012)

This book is meant to both educate and inspire people in terms of what laughter can do to enhance one's life. We will talk about using laughter to enhance creativity in chapter two and even how you can use laughter to enhance productivity in chapter three. There are many uses for laughter for those in the business world, and businesses may just find that in the end, laughter can even help their bottom line.